Welcome to the AVE: Adventure! Villainy! Excitement! website. AVE is a text-based game engine written by Matthew Scroggs and Gin Grasso.

Play AVE

Before reading any more, you should have a go at playing AVE. You can do that here.

AVE running on the EMF TiLDA Mkπ badge.
AVE began life as a Python game. At Electromagnetic Field 2016 (EMF) we made a version of AVE that runs on the TiLDA Mkπ badge that was given to every attendee. Shortly after EMF, we began work on a javascript version of AVE, this website and Android and iOS apps (coming soon).

If you want to play AVE on a non-Linux/Mac computer, you can download our VirtualBox image.

Making Your Own Games

If you would like to write your own games for AVE, have a look at these instructions. Once you have written a game, you can submit it to the game library here. You can view all user submitted games in the library. Once a game has been included in the game library, it will become playable on any version of AVE (as long as the player is connected to the internet).

Contributing to AVE

If you want to edit the source code of AVE, it is available on GitHub. We discuss much of the development of AVE on IRC.