Running AVE on Mac

AVE was first written in Python to run in terminal in Linux and Mac.

Installing AVE using Pip

To install AVE using pip, run the following in terminal: pip install avegame

You may need to use sudo: sudo pip install avegame

Or you may need to use pip3: pip3 install avegame sudo pip3 install avegame

Once AVE has installed, you can play games by running the following command in terminal: ave

If you want to load games you own games from a folder as well as the build in games, you can run: ave /path/to/folder

Downloading the source

You can download AVE from GitHub. You can then run AVE by navigating to the directory it is installed in and running: python run.py

We recommend doing this if you want to write your own AVE game, as you can then simply place you game in the games folder, then run AVE to test your game.